Firehouse – Love Of A Lifetime

Firehouse’s biggest hit was their 1991 glam rock ballad called Love Of A Lifetime. They came on to the scene just as grunge was taking over, so they weren’t able to enjoy their success for very long, but this song is on about every “love songs” CD out there, so they’re not hurting. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to “Firehouse – Love Of A Lifetime”

  1. Love of a Lifetime is the first song i ever danced to at my first dance with my bestfriend. I plan on playing this at my wedding when i find my love of a lifetime. This song helps me to believe in love that will last forever.

  2. our wedding song…. married in July 1992

  3. This is the story of my LOML and I. Our history began in 1976 when we were just 17. 33 yrs later, and the feelings are just like the first time that we kissed. True love never dies, and the heart never forgets a real
    “Love of a Lifetime”. My heart still skips a beat when our eyes meet.

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