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Do you miss Nirvana? How about the original Alice in Chains? While watching VH1’s Behind the Music a while back, they were featuring the band Warrant, which for those of you who are too young to remember, was one of the more popular “Hair Bands” of the late 80’s. During an interview with Warrant’s lead singer, Jani Lane, he mentioned how they were their record labels’ favorite band for most of the late 80’s, but in the early 90’s, they went up to the record labels headquarters to meet with them about their new album, and above the receptionists desk, where there had been a huge poster of Warrant everytime they had visited, was a huge poster of Alice in Chains.

They knew it was over. It was time for a change. It was time for the new sound of 90’s rock to emerge.

But, don’t count out all of the 80’s Rock Bands. Some of them enjoyed success right on through the early 90’s and beyond. With the blog, I’m going to take it step by step. I’ll feature videos from 1990 and progress forward year-by-year. You’ll be able to see how the music started changing as the years progressed.

So, sit back and enjoy a ride back through the best, worst and the in-between videos that rocked the 90’s. I hope you enjoy the ride!


4 Responses to “About this Site”

  1. this thing rocks it tells you everthing you need to know thank-you,

  2. Fantastic blog.
    wanna trade links?
    check out my blog if u dont mind.

  3. Thanx for the adding man,
    you’re gonna be on my blogroll right away.
    and just in case u here is my myspace, we can be friends.


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