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Living Colour – Elvis is Dead

Posted in 1991, Funk/Rock, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, Living Colour on August 26, 2007 by pelicancup

Living Colour was most famous for their song Cult of Personality, but they also had some other songs that charted on the Billboard Mainstream and Modern Rock charts. 1991’s Elvis is Dead was one of them. Enjoy!

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Warrant – Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Posted in 1991, Glam Rock, Hair Bands, Warrant on July 14, 2007 by pelicancup

Even though Warrant fell victim to the Seattle grunge scene in the early 90’s, they still put together some decent music on their last few albums. This song, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, was actually a pretty deep song for a hair band. Sadly, by the time this single was released in 1991, their record label was too busy promoting Alice in Chains to give them much of a look, and the single stalled out at #78 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Enjoy!

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Poison – Ride The Wind

Posted in 1991, Arena Rock, Glam Rock, Hair Bands, Poison on July 12, 2007 by pelicancup

Poison was one hair band that was still enjoying success at the beginning of the 90’s, and they released Ride the Wind as a single in 1991. The video features footage from their concerts, which were absolutely a blast. Say what you will about their music being shallow and basic, but they put on one helluva great show, which is what we all go to a rock concert for in the first place….to be entertained, right? Frankly, I wish bands would get back to this concept and would quit trying to save the world with their music. Okay, enough of my soapbox. Enjoy the video!

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Van Halen – Poundcake

Posted in #1 Mainstream Rock Charts, 1991, Arena Rock, Glam Rock, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen on June 18, 2007 by pelicancup

Poundcake is the opening track on Van Halen’s 1991 album, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. It reached #1 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock charts. The album was named For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge because Sammy was mis-informed by his good friend Boom Boom Mancini who told him that F*ck meant For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. It doesn’t, but 1991 was when censorship was such a big deal, and Sammy wanted to make a statement. Enjoy the video!

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Skid Row – I Remember You

Posted in 1990, Glam Rock, Hair Bands, Heavy Metal, Sebastian Bach, Skid Row on January 24, 2007 by pelicancup

In 1990, Skid Row was on top of the world and this song was huge for them. Can you believe that Sebastian Bach played Jesus Christ a few years ago on Broadway in the play Jesus Christ Superstar? Recently, Sebastian was on the VH1 series SuperGroup with Ted Nugent, Scott Ian from Anthrax, Jason Bonham and Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard. During the show, they formed a band called Damnocracy, during which they lived in a mansion in Las Vegas for twelve days and created music. The series ended with the band playing a live concert and supposedly they had recorded some other songs and their was talk of an album. We’ll see. For now, enjoy classic Skid Row with “I Remember You”.

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