Poison – 7 Days Over You (Live)

Poison just released a new DVD in August called Seven Days Live. It’s footage of a 1993 Poison concert from London’s Hammersmith Apollo on April, 23, 1993. It’s a rare look at Poison on their Native Tongue tour, which featured Richie Kotzen on guitar. While the show featured a lot of Poison’s hits from the 80’s, it also featured a lot of songs from the Native Tongue album. One of those songs was this one, 7 Days Over You.

It’s really a shame that Poison’s fan base had abandoned them for grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana during this time frame because musically, Native Tongue is one of Poison’s best albums. The songs are much more complex and Kotzen’s influence on guitar is unmistakable. He brought an element of blues mixed with heavy metal riffs that meshed really well with Bret’s vocals. It’s a shame Kotzen was kicked out of the band because they might still be recording new material with him. (But, you can’t blame them for kicking him out. He did sleep with Rikki Rockett’s fiance…)

Don’t get me wrong, I like Poison with C.C., but it’s no secret they were limited musically with C.C. on guitar. That’s why this DVD release is so cool because the majority of Poison fans never even listened to Native Tongue. Well, here’s your chance. Enjoy!

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