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Live – Lightning Crashes

Posted in #1 Mainstream Rock Charts, #1 Modern Rock Charts, 1995 Songs, Alternative Rock, Grunge Rock, Hard Rock, Live on June 3, 2008 by pelicancup

Lightning Crashes is Live’s biggest hit of their career so far. Back in 1995, it was #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts for ten weeks and the Modern Rock charts for nine weeks. It was the third single released from their 8x-Platinum Throwing Copper album. Most of Live’s recent albums have moved more towards the adult contemporary audience rather than the mainstream rock audience.

Unfortunately for them, it’s showing in their CD sales. Their last album, 2006’s Songs from Black Mountain, has only sold 90,000 copies so far. The lead single from the CD, The River, was a good song, but it was shunned by the rock charts. Enjoy!

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