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Matchbox 20 – 3 A.M.

Posted in 1997 Songs, Matchbox 20, Pop Rock on August 6, 2008 by pelicancup

From the late 90’s through the early 2000’s, you couldn’t listen to a radio station for more than 30 minutes before you’d hear a Matchbox 20 song. Specifically, songs like this one, Long Day, Real World, Unwell, etc. were played relentlessly on the radio. So much so, that although they were great songs, I started hating the band just because they were so over-exposed. 3 A.M. though was, and still is, my favorite song from Matchbox 20. It was a #1 hit on the Billboard Adult Top 40 charts, #2 on the Mainstream Rock charts and #3 on the Modern Rock charts. Amazingly, it didn’t even chart on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Enjoy!

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